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Armie of One - Teacher Set of 5

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Thrill your student artists with the gift of Buzu Trading Cards!!

This set of 5 cards is made available to teachers who are looking to offer their students an art lesson plus a great trading card as a reward!!

Each of these amazingly innovative collectibles features a different art lesson that has a theme matching its character!! Just scan the QR code to watch the lesson (ad free) taught by award-winning art educator Mr. Guera!! Each lesson has been carefully designed to seamlessly combine art, education and fun!!

This Buzu Trading Card also includes digital downloads that you can print out to continue the artistic fun including:

  • a coloring sheet
  • custom frame
  • digital print

All Buzu Trading Cards can also be used in gameplay with Buzu Battle - the Buzu Trading Card Game!!

Buzu Trading Cards... art for kids, resources for teachers and fun for everyone!!

Armie of One

Card Number: 1

Card Type: A (art card)

Grade Levels: 2nd Grade and up

Art Project: Draw and color an armadillo.

Health Points: 111

Rarity: Common

Series: 1

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Armie of One - Teacher Set of 5

0 ratings
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